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Houston house help (by Lynda [TX]) Jun 12, 2018 12:15 PM
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Houston house help (by Lynda [TX]) Posted on: Jun 12, 2018 12:15 PM

I'm SO frustrated! Our beautiful Houston house that went thru Hurricane Harvey and was repaired and updated TO THE HILT--just had the 2nd buyer fall thru. My DH is out of his mind with worry and aggravation.

First buyer couldn't get the proper documentation (tax returns etc) to the bank to qualify for their loan. We kept the earnest money. With the 2nd buyer, their bank's inspector just came back and said there was a problem with the electrical in the house and told the bank not to apv the loan in this cond. This CONDITION?

The electric was all rewired by a licensed (supposedly) electrician and is new. It passed city inspection before the drywall was put up. It passed 2nd inspection by the insurance co before they paid out that portion ins payment. It passed 3rd inspection from the inspector of the first buyers who found only very MINOR stuff (like this plug shd be GFI--not in a kit or bath mind you but in a fam room). Now all of a sudden there is a major elec problem? I don't believe it.

There must be something else going on here. Our realtor in Houston said his take is that the buyers are first time buyers and either the bank or the buyers got cold feet and manipulated an inspection report to opt out and want their earnest back. (Can small stuff be written so that a whole new system is in question?)

My DH is now thinking that the Gen Contractor who he paid ($16,000) to pay the electrician prob didn't have the electrician do the work and did it himself. WOW that's a big leap to a bad conclusion. DH doesn't like the GC for several reasons but to jump to that conclusion is pretty harsh. And we will will not get a copy of the report to see what it actually says because they paid for it and have no requirement to let us see it. DH is so frustrated that he said he will let an investor buy it and take the loss just to get it off his back. I can't think straight.

Please give me some POSITIVE advise that I can tell my husband so he doesn't make another bad house decision or a false accusation. I know he never listened to me thru out this whole house procedure, but I am still hopeful that I can avoid a worse disaster with a little common sense.


Houston house help (by Deanna [TX]) Posted on: Jun 12, 2018 12:25 PM

My parents are in the Texas City/Dickinson area. They also got wiped out by Harvey, and are still living amongst the studs...

When I visited in May, Mom had mentioned in passing that the (electrician? contractor?) had said something about them saying, "Every outlet needs to be a GFI plug. Not just stuff by water, but everything throughout the house." And then I had a chat about how frustrating it was, with people trying to update my house to the nearest big-city codes, and those codes not being applicable in my geography. (For example, putting an electrical outlet on every wall that's 2' long or longer, and putting electrical outlets every 3' along a wall. That's an insane number of plugs in places where they don't make sense!) :) Anyhow, I told her the easiest thing would be to call their city's Code office, and verify what standards are used.

So, if you're in Houston proper, that may well be something that you have to deal with--- GFI's throughout.

You might call the City's Code Compliance, or whatever governmental body is familiar with local ordinances, and ask, "Hey, I was told x. Is that true?" And if you're in Houston proper, it may be true, and if you're in Webster or Clear Lake or Sugarland or Alvin or something, it may or may not be true. And then you know how to take it from there. --96.46.xxx.xx

Houston house help (by Lynda [TX]) Posted on: Jun 12, 2018 1:02 PM

Deanna,thanks for the reply. We are in San Antonio and the house (inside the 8-loop)is in Houston. That was always part of the problem--the distance and the lack of oversight and lack of control. DH made several bad decisions along the way and constantly told me--stay of out of it! He bought this house knowing it as in a flood zone because there was history of earlier flooding,but bought it anyway. This was the house he bought my daughter to live in--a "second home" type of loan and not rental property so we could not make her a 'tenant.' That meant the ins company denied all the furniture and personal belongings claim because none of the items were his-they were hers. He 'knew' the GC was doing some fishy stuff but was afraid to find someone new because we were SO far ahead of the rest of the properties being repaired, and were in fact one of the first completed and back on the market.

3 earlier inspections did not find ANY such electrical issues, so how do we know THIS one is the truth and all the others were wrong? So now he is going to take whatever low bid an investor makes just to get rid of the house that is now lovely but has been on his back for 10 months. I can't talk any sense into him. Now he is ready to put it back on the market and take any offer. SO BAD decision!

I said let's hire our OWN inspector to see what is really happening but he just sees that as more money lost on his list of losses! --108.87.xx.xxx

Houston house help (by rani3182 [TX]) Posted on: Jun 12, 2018 1:09 PM

lynda - i am in houston ...

you are probably on the east side of houston based on your discription...

why not turn it into a rental? --168.88.xxx.xxx

Houston house help (by rani3182 [TX]) Posted on: Jun 12, 2018 1:15 PM

Would you be willing to spend the $400 to get an independent appraisal and inspection done? to counter the 2nd buyers inspection and appraisal.

let the realtor know you are going that route and will counter your inspectors report... threaten that if they are no longer interested they can walk away but you keep the earnest money

where is your house at? i am in houston as you know Lynda..not sure i can be of help but i can try to help?? --168.88.xxx.xxx

Houston house help (by Richard [MI]) Posted on: Jun 12, 2018 1:45 PM

Sounds to me like either: 1. The buyers had second thoughts and used this as an escape or 2. The buyers have continued looking after they locked your place up and found one they like better. When that happened, they used the inspection as an escape clause. It's done ALL THE TIME- just like when someone says they want to rent then backs out.

Your options: 1. Sue them for specific performance. Long, drawn out process and they likely will buy a car or something to mess up their loan anyway. 2. Demand and hopefully keep their good faith deposit. 3. Sue them for damages for breaching contract. Again, hard to prove, and a long battle with no guarantee of winning.

Probably best to just put it back on the market. In the future, it might be a good idea to say no inspection contingencies, but in the long run, people with no class will not hesitate to back out of agreements or mess with you. Also, get a good real estate agent and a lender who will weed out these losers. --66.188.xx.xxx

Houston house help (by Laura [MD]) Posted on: Jun 12, 2018 1:50 PM

Relax, third is the charm. You are not the first seller to have buyer 1 and 2 back out. Lucky you in getting tot keep the earnest money.

Put it back on the market....what does your Realtor suggest? I would NEVER sell it at a loss b3cause the first two buyers backed out. Especially if I could afford the carrying costs. When the carry costs are greater than selling it to an investor, that is when I would do the sell. Two buyers backing out is NOTHING. Ten buyerts backing out indicates there is a problem. --108.51.xxx.xxx

Houston house help (by AllyM [NJ]) Posted on: Jun 12, 2018 1:55 PM

You had many inspections. Believe the inspections. The bank guy may have a property he wants to sell himself to these people. You can't do anything about your DH. He is who he is. Let him do what he feels he must do and be calm. You can't win this. I would get my own inspector but you can't. Is it possible that something different should have been done with the electric since it's a flood zone? Maybe the breaker box on the second floor? That's not an unfixable issue. Remember St. Thomas Moore I think it was, God give me the grace to fix what I can, endure what I can't and the wisdom to know the difference. I think that's a paraphrase but you get the drift. --73.178.xxx.xx

Houston house help (by plenty [MO]) Posted on: Jun 12, 2018 2:03 PM

Can you pay for an inspection report and provide it for the buyers. Copies on the counter with listing papers. Maybe they won't get their own? Did you get a copy of the negative report to review? Maybe there is something more to be done. Provide docs to prove that. Wait. It's just starting to be the best time to sell. And prices are only going up! Ask DH for a bit more patience. Does it cost you much to hold it? --99.203.xx.xxx

Houston house help (by Pmh [TX]) Posted on: Jun 12, 2018 2:22 PM

pay the $500 for your own report. --104.218.xxx.xx

Houston house help (by Kim [TX]) Posted on: Jun 12, 2018 2:33 PM

Lynda: You might just ask the buyer if you can see the inspection report. When I looked at properties, I gave a cc to the seller as a courtesy. Your house would have passed an electrical inspection before the final inspection could be passed, so it is doubtful that there are real issues there.

How long has your property been on the market? I would use that as a basis to lower the price rather than deals falling through. There are a lot of flood houses on the market here now, but also a lot of investors and new home buyers buying. As a buyer, my issue with a flood home would be whether I could get flood insurance and if so, how much would it cost? That might be deterrent enough for me. --23.30.xx.xxx

Houston house help (by Barb [MO]) Posted on: Jun 12, 2018 2:35 PM

How much is the earnest deposit? Enough to justify getting a counter inspection? How about an appraisal? If you get those, you'll have a counter to returning the earnest money.

Find out from an independent inspector and independent appraisal the issues and value. Then, put it on the market for that amount.

I would not sell it to a low ball investor until I was sure it would not sell at all. Since you've had two offers that were serious enough to offer a deposit, I'd keep shopping it. Not just dump it at bottom dollar. --131.151.xx.xx

Houston house help (by Opinionated [NC]) Posted on: Jun 12, 2018 2:55 PM

In my area, the official electrical inspector would not pass the rewiring unless the name and license number of a licensed electrical contractor was on the permit.

I too suspect cold feet and a manipulated home inspector report. Some of those know squat about electrical wiring. --66.226.xx.xxx

Houston house help (by Lynda [TX]) Posted on: Jun 12, 2018 6:08 PM

Rani,Thanks-nothing anyone can do but keep me sane, as I'm now living with a crazy person. Property is SW Houston btwn Braeswood and Bissonnet. Was taken off the market as sold,so old MLS# doesn't work, but address is 6617 Reamer and comes up on HAR. Won't turn into a rental,need sale money to buy daughter a dif home--she has been living with a series of friends for the past 10 months. I've already suggested to DH to have our own inspection done. Costs @$650 and he won't--yet(I'm still working on that.)

Richard, not suing anyone. They have that right within a certain time frame to get earnest returned. Our agent Brandon has been very good with doing a lot of non-realtor stuff for us like coord trash pickups and lawn mowing, not to mention putting up with DH constantly on his back.He deserves a bonus just for that!

Laura, Bingo! Continuing to pay the mortgage every month is on the TOP of DH Loss List.

Ally, yes everything is fixable with a little more money and effort but he has dug in his heels and won't spend another penny(I'm still working on that.)

Kim,our realtor asked THEIR realtor for a copy and she said "they don't have to do that." It is one of the things that makes me think it was exaggerated our just lied about if they are keeping it secret. House was on the market late Jan/early Feb.

Opinionated, Someone's name and lic# is on the city inspection report. It is the name/# of the company our GC works for (sometimes he works as a sub for a larger contracting co) and that adds to the weight that HE did the work and used someone else's number. City never checked if it belonged to him.

I will give DH 2 days to calm down, and offer to pay for OUR inspector to see what the other inspector saw.(??) Tomorrow when I shop I'm investing in a few bottles of wine to keep on hand this week. And I'm "positive-thinking" the situation! Sigh. --108.87.xx.xxx

Houston house help (by JB [OR]) Posted on: Jun 12, 2018 9:35 PM

Hey Lynda, I'm no expert on the subject but it absolutely seems to me that if the buyers are using this particular inspection report to bag out of a signed contract then you should be able to 1) either demand to see that inspection report or 2) to sue buyers for failure to perform/specific performance.

Your agent should be able to get to the bottom of this. If not, may be worth talking to an attorney. --50.45.xxx.xx

Houston house help (by Oregon Woodsmoke [ID]) Posted on: Jun 13, 2018 4:24 PM

I would have sent copies of all the permits and inspection reports to the bank. --174.216.xx.xx

Houston house help (by Tom [FL]) Posted on: Jun 13, 2018 5:10 PM

The buyer signed a contract with you the seller. Inspections were done. Theres an issue from the inspection report. Call your realtor, make sure she or he gets a copy of the report for your review as the seller. IF the buyer will not supply the report then proceed with buyer to specific performance.


CONSIDER having the best real estate attorney in Houston review your contract and have him or her send a letter to your realtor, buyers realtor and buyer. THEN let the chips fall where they may.

Bottom line the inspection report should be made available to you as the seller. UNLESS its a bogus inspection... --99.56.xx.xx

Houston house help (by Sandy [CO]) Posted on: Jun 15, 2018 9:51 AM

Agree totally w Tom! In order for them to walk away they must furnish proof and show you the report.

I would demand to see the report or keep the earnest money. Maybe consider a different listing agent as well?


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Houston house help
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