Allure in Duplex
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Allure in Duplex (by Brad in PA [PA]) Apr 16, 2018 12:20 PM
       Allure in Duplex (by plenty [MO]) Apr 16, 2018 2:37 PM
       Allure in Duplex (by AllyM [NJ]) Apr 16, 2018 5:36 PM
       Allure in Duplex (by Nellie [ME]) Apr 17, 2018 8:26 PM

Allure in Duplex (by Brad in PA [PA]) Posted on: Apr 16, 2018 12:20 PM

Have you installed Allure in duplexes/multis that have thin walls? I mean like hearing anything over conversation noise level? Iím changing out flooring on the next turnover but worry about how the sound will carry without the sound absorption from the carpeting

Allure in Duplex (by plenty [MO]) Posted on: Apr 16, 2018 2:37 PM

Perhaps you should consider addressing the sound issues separately or before the install of the flooring. Seems like a perfect to pull the trim boards add some sound proofing, perhaps even new drywall... Before new flooring goes down? That's what i would do. --99.203.xx.xx

Allure in Duplex (by AllyM [NJ]) Posted on: Apr 16, 2018 5:36 PM

I use carpeting and padding in all my units. It is something I can control. I cannot make someone stop yelling or stomping etc or buy area rugs that are thick enough. I would also offer drapes if you know there is already a problem. They make sound stop bouncing off walls.

Allure in Duplex (by Nellie [ME]) Posted on: Apr 17, 2018 8:26 PM

I think I would use something with a soundproofing pad if possible. However, the laminate that has an unattached would not have the durability features of Allure.

I think that addressing the soundproofing issues would be important in this situation. Look at Green Glue and other soundproofing materials and methods. Also, make certain that all penetrations between walls are sealed.

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Allure in Duplex
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