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Local Slumlord (by WMH [NC]) Apr 13, 2018 2:15 PM
       Local Slumlord (by David [MI]) Apr 13, 2018 2:23 PM
       Local Slumlord (by WMH [NC]) Apr 13, 2018 2:27 PM
       Local Slumlord (by Landlord ofthe Flies [TX]) Apr 13, 2018 2:28 PM
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       Local Slumlord (by David [MI]) Apr 14, 2018 7:50 AM
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       Local Slumlord (by Robert,Ontario,Can [ON]) Apr 14, 2018 2:28 PM

Local Slumlord (by WMH [NC]) Posted on: Apr 13, 2018 2:15 PM

So we have this local slumlord that we find has often looked at the same types of properties we look for: small cabins and cottages, need updates and TLC. He has often purchased properties we rejected but has nabbed some places we would love to have.

BUT there the similarity stops. He buys them, does NOTHING to them, and rents them to anyone. He is always in eviction court. He DOES make money, because he doesn't fix ANYTHING. Tenant told us his ROOF was majorly leaking after a hurricane, LL said, "Well fix it."

Just had a new tenant pay the rent on our newly renovated Toxic Townhouse (not the property, the departing mother/daughter duo were toxic people) and he had the misfortune to stay at a weekly motel owned by this slumlord while waiting for us to be ready for him (he's moving in tomorrow.)

Told us today they moved out after a very short time to a more expensive place because of condition of the motel. Said it was just far worse than we could imagine. And this guy is a tow-truck driver, he's not worrying about Motel 6 conditions, you know?

I guess this goes to the being ashamed of your properties discussion. I just could not do it. I would be out of the business. I just don't get it... --50.82.xxx.xx

Local Slumlord (by David [MI]) Posted on: Apr 13, 2018 2:23 PM

Exhibit A for why LLs who take good care of their properties should want munis to implement rental inspections. --50.4.xxx.x

Local Slumlord (by WMH [NC]) Posted on: Apr 13, 2018 2:27 PM

NEVER EVER David. I am a "less government, more property rights" person. --50.82.xxx.xx

Local Slumlord (by Landlord ofthe Flies [TX]) Posted on: Apr 13, 2018 2:28 PM

It's easy to understand. Your tenant rejects are his prime tenant audience. He rents to the people that destroy rentals, don't pay regularly, and make landlording miserable. He knows the only way to profit from that group is to reduce expenses. And I bet he's spending in court costs what you're probably spending in maintenance and repairs.

By focusing on tenant rejects, he has a large pool of desperate tenants to choose from and he doesn't have to make them happy.

He doesn't make repairs because he probably doesn't care about the tenants. Why should he? He's having to drag them into court every month to collect. I probably wouldn't concern myself with their well being either. Of course I wouldn't want to rent to them in the first place.

It's not the type of business I want to be in, but he services a need. If it wasn't for him, the rejects would be homeless. --108.69.xxx.xxx

Local Slumlord (by David [MI]) Posted on: Apr 13, 2018 2:38 PM

Landlord of the Flies, that's quite the charitable explanation. I think the simpler one is that he's lazy and greedy. --50.4.xxx.x

Local Slumlord (by NC INVESTOR [NC]) Posted on: Apr 13, 2018 3:49 PM

The flip side of the story are the tenants that put up with these slumlords even when the tenants are paying top dollar and have the credit scores and means to move.

I had one couple living in a 2BR/2BA at $1,400/m that went without AC for 3.5 weeks (illegal in Charlotte) until they couldn't take it anymore. They rented a house from me and paid the balance of their rent rather than stay. I asked why they didn't complain and they said they'd spent a year complaining and it fell on deaf ears. PM kept saying the LL doesn't want to put the money out.

A tenant of mine who lives in a property I'm selling told me the other day his wife went to look at a property. The rent is $1,850/m, $300 app fee and 2m SD. She went in and found the dishes from the previous tenant piled high in the kitchen and all of the furniture they'd left behind was still there. She called the agent to ask when the place would be ready and was told the LL had no plans to clean the place out it was the responsibility of the next tenant. What???

In spite of this I agree with WMH. We don't need the county looking over our shoulder. We need the tenants to help shut these people down. It's no wonder tenants don't trust LL's.


Local Slumlord (by NE [PA]) Posted on: Apr 13, 2018 4:34 PM

David are you kidding me? Why are you in business? One would think that someone like you would be against "for profit" of any kind. I tolerate most of your drivel, but that's just total nonsense. You're always talking about free market and paying more to contractors determines what you get. Ya, well, that works both ways and there's money in it on the low end. Everyone in this business is a little greedy and everyone has a little slime in them.

Neither of us are any different in that respect. I have A+ properties and I have garbage and you know what, the garbage produces the most cash on the books.

Where can I find more?????

WMH, I bought properties from a slumlord who passed away and when his properties hit the market, it was a freakin FEEDING FRENZY here. I pray that another one of those happens sometime. Not a landlord's death, just an entire portfolio of garbage hitting the MLS.

They were all garbage and everyone knew it and he knew and he did not care. He would rent them to anyone and seller finance to anyone with a little down.

It's not for everybody and not for you, but it is a hidden niche for sure and that's why I've been posting about it lately.


Local Slumlord (by Busy [WI]) Posted on: Apr 13, 2018 4:42 PM

Too bad ya couldn't work out a deal with this slumlord. If he's not making bank on late fees, cuz they pay on time, and he's tired of hearing them complaining (we don't have heat, we don't have a/c, there's no door on the bathroom, ) he can send the tenants your way. And you can give him the toxic duo...

Miss Ally said yesterday, tenants are in transition. You could get the ones going up, he gets the down.

Hopefully his properties aren't too close to yours; it sure brings the neighborhood down. There is a landlord I introduced myself to who has properties very near a couple of mine. Annual turnovers, no one stays more than a year (section 8.) Recently there was a incident where a child was injured, and that property where the injury occurred is for sale. If only the houses were the type I buy, I'd be trying to buy her inventory.

Maybe that opportunity will come up for you. --70.92.xxx.xxx

Local Slumlord (by Mike45 [NV]) Posted on: Apr 13, 2018 5:36 PM

David, there is NO REASON for any LL to support govt intrusions into our lives and our business. The prospective tenants see what this slumlord is offering, but they still move in. Guvmit has no business intervening!

A prospective tenant sees my places, sees the slumlordís places, and makes his/her decision. Maybe this prospective T did not qualify for my place and had little choice because of his poor credit, poor eviction history, ....; maybe this prospective T liked the slumlordís cheaper prices. Whatever it is, there is no support for guvmit intrusion!!


Local Slumlord (by Busy [WI]) Posted on: Apr 13, 2018 5:41 PM

Oops- in case it didn't read that way- I was joking about the deal.

David, the landlord I was referring to only rents to Section 8, which has an inspection program. My city had a non-owner occupied inspection program after the housing market crash. I bought my properties during that time period.

The inspectors focused on some of the most useless things, while failing to catch several serious safety concerns. I fixed things on their list and on mine, but their list came with threat of penalty if not completed quickly. So, the inspection program actually made me postpone some safety items longer than if there were no inspection program. That inspection program has ended, thankfully. Waste of taxpayer money, IMO. --172.56.xx.xxx

Local Slumlord (by Ken [NY]) Posted on: Apr 13, 2018 7:06 PM

I want no government intrusion and no inspections,as soon as you say there should be inspections because you do a better job than everyone else you will find out you are thought of no better by the city than any other landlord simply because you are a landlord and they consider you the problem.I left the original city I was doing deals in because of inspections,i couldn't pull a toilet without getting a permit,couldnt fix a hole in sheetrock without a permit and to get the permit I had to prove my employees had workers comp,it took 5x as long to get the permit as actually doing the work involved.The parts of the city that were in poor condition 30 years ago when they started the inspections are still in poor condition,nothing changed. --72.231.xxx.xxx

Local Slumlord (by nhsailmaker [NH]) Posted on: Apr 14, 2018 4:23 AM

Unfortunately the left in our country, like David, have become socialists and they disguise themselves by calling themselves Progressives but they are simply rabid liberal democrats --24.34.xx.xxx

Local Slumlord (by myob [GA]) Posted on: Apr 14, 2018 4:50 AM

There appears to be a need for those places or he'd be out of business?

David MI-- are U serious? you have lost it if you think people o this web site want MORE GOV'T involved in their rentals.

You must of been kidding? --99.103.xxx.xxx

Local Slumlord (by David [MI]) Posted on: Apr 14, 2018 6:31 AM

A rental is no longer simply private property once it is rented out, it is now a business. Just like restaurants, gas station, nursing homes, hospitals, the list goes on, they are businesses open to the public subject to reasonable govt regulations. Everyday, every single LL here goes to one of these businesses secure in knowing they have been inspected and regulated for various dangers and hazards.

On a more personal note, I am VERY happy to know that so many posters are against government regulation. I will have a little more smile on my face the next time I drive 60 or maybe 70 in a 35. Because you know, govt regulation is BAD! (or is it SAD!) --50.4.xxx.x

Local Slumlord (by David [MI]) Posted on: Apr 14, 2018 6:33 AM

Oh and myob, I am very serious that I regularly drive 70 in a 35. Because I too find that to be an onerous government regulation. --50.4.xxx.x

Local Slumlord (by myob [GA]) Posted on: Apr 14, 2018 6:54 AM

So U were serious?

If you like regulation so much-- you don't need to go 70 in a 35 just 36 will do it.

I can hear you now--- but officer I was only doing 36-- officer replied yes but gov't regs say no more than 35.

David we all know what more regs mean.

We have a branch in our county called CODE enforcement. I have them on speed dial. When residents see things in the county they can call them and they come out. I don't need, nor do many here, someone telling me -- You know that's not the right pin in that bifold door so I'm rejecting your property for rental.

I use that example because I have FIRST Hand knowledge of it.

It always starts with common sense-- but ends up "OUT THERE IN THE U VERSE". --99.103.xxx.xxx

Local Slumlord (by NE [PA]) Posted on: Apr 14, 2018 7:04 AM

Nothing wrong with a little speed. Typical distortion of the subject at hand to make the argument for also.

If you hold all rental units to the same standard, you will drive the impoverished to an even worse place, as they will be priced totally out of housing.

For the sake of speeding, why are there speed limit signs? Government revenue.

I should be able to drive at a speed that I feel safe at. 35 in a 25? You bet I do. 60 in a 55? Oh ya, with people passing me.

You know what happens with people who follow the speed limit law? They have a train of cars behind them, 10 deep, honking for the bozo to get out of the way.

The fruit of government regulations. --174.201.xx.xxx

Local Slumlord (by NE [PA]) Posted on: Apr 14, 2018 7:15 AM

Also, I wouldn't drive 70 in a 35, because that's unsafe. Like I wouldn't leave a live receptacle hanging out of a box espoused. But I don't need a permit or regulation or inspection for either. --97.46.xx.xxx

Local Slumlord (by David [MI]) Posted on: Apr 14, 2018 7:50 AM

Yes myob, I was serious, I drive 70 in a 35 all the time. Radar detector is legal in MI and 48 other states.

NE, the standard for rentals here is the same as the standard for when owner occupant houses are sold. The requirements are so basic , I don't even require a follow up inspection, nor do I do anything beyond what I would normally do. I absolutely shudder to think of the houses here who can't pass the 2nd or third inspection.

If someone cannot afford to rent a house, they should rent an apt. If they can't afford an apt, they should rent a studio. If they can't afford a studio, they should get a rommmate. --50.4.xxx.x

Local Slumlord (by Annie [IN]) Posted on: Apr 14, 2018 8:03 AM

We have rentals in a small town that does not have a lot of housing available. We recently acquired a new tenant who had been renting from the local slumlord who would not fix anything, though they paid their rent on time and tried to do the best with what he was providing. We in turn had a tenant that was chronically late; we provide clean and maintained units. We told the chronically late tenant we would not be renewing their lease. Guess where the chronically late tenant ended up? KARMA!!!! --104.152.xx.xx

Local Slumlord (by WMH [NC]) Posted on: Apr 14, 2018 8:17 AM

The minute a dwelling is finished, it is "out of compliance" because codes change all the time!

Then if you try to update an older home, you will be forced possibly well beyond means to update to TODAY'S code.

So you get 1) do it anyway because it's the right thing to do, ask forgiveness if caught. 2) Don't do anything because you can't bring *everything* up to snuff or 3) government inspections where rentals (people's HOMES) have to be even more "safe and secure" and regulated than a private home. --50.82.xxx.xx

Local Slumlord (by Tom [FL]) Posted on: Apr 14, 2018 9:15 AM

Ken of NY now theres the absurd side of city inspections. AND the money grab by the city, thats all the city is and was worried about. MONEY!!!

In Florida of Hurricanes and tornados are of concerns. After Hurricane Andrew in August of 1992 Miami Dade changed their building codes over night. They threw the old books out and made major changes to the codes. Especially the exterior of the house. Example of a house with brick Installing hurricane shutter most people would attach the shutters to the brick and call it a day. NOT a good idea. The hurricane screws for the shutters must go into the studs behind the brick so you have a 7" hurricane screw that will attach directly to the studs. If not, the brick can be peeled off the house and now the structure is compromised. I can understand the exterior of the house being done properly. However the interior that should not be a problem nor a concern of the counties, city or township.


Local Slumlord (by razorback_tim [AR]) Posted on: Apr 14, 2018 10:04 AM

Back to the original post - it sounds like this guy could be a source of properties at some point in the future. He is going to get tired. Find a way to stay in touch with him. --70.178.x.xx

Local Slumlord (by WMH [NC]) Posted on: Apr 14, 2018 11:03 AM

He has tried to sell a few, but they are not ones we would touch with a ten-foot pole (big-time flood zone, very odd layouts, combined utilities, possible illegal units altogether, etc.)

He has a youth hostel we would kill to get but it's listed at 1.5 million and the land is probably worth that. The campground / hostel is in terrible disrepair. This project requires a developer with deeper pockets than we have. --50.82.xxx.xx

Local Slumlord (by JB [OR]) Posted on: Apr 14, 2018 12:38 PM

This guy is a renter's attorney's dream.

"Your honor, the defendant told my clients to get up on the roof and fix the leak. Had it not been for that, my client's children would still have their father today, at home, safe, without a broken neck." --50.45.xxx.xxx

Local Slumlord (by Robert,Ontario,Can [ON]) Posted on: Apr 14, 2018 2:28 PM

In some jurisdictions governments have legislated slums where the rigid rent control system the annual operating costs of running, repairing along with renovating rental units goes up more then the allowed annual rent increases which are tied to the consumer price index where the operating costs are more as taxes, insurance, water, sewage charges, maintenance are more then the consumer price index. The government owned rental units are not under rent control as it is poison. It is easy to blame honest rental housing providers who are forced not to do repairs or renovations as water, heat, hydro electric can not be cut. The purpose of rent control is expropriation where eventually the government owns one hundred per cent of the rental housing stock then there is no rent control. Problem tenants in a few months can turn a clean renovated rental unit into a slum where the drywall has holes, the carpet has cigarette burns, doors are broken, garbage is through the entire rental unit then they blame the rental housing provider when the eviction process begins. In the province of Ontario rental buildings are shifting from smaller rental housing providers to large corporations then rents go up considerably where existing tenants are out the rental units renovated then rents are up considerably as vacant rental units market rent begins. There are two choices for some problem tenants a slum or homeless so in the end people have a place to live. The largest slum lord in Canada are the government owned rental units as there are different rules. --147.194.xxx.xxx

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