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Schools? (by S i d [MO]) Feb 28, 2018 3:35 PM
       Schools? (by NE [PA]) Feb 28, 2018 3:40 PM
       Schools? (by NC INVESTOR [NC]) Feb 28, 2018 3:42 PM
       Schools? (by Deanna [TX]) Feb 28, 2018 3:45 PM
       Schools? (by Vee [OH]) Feb 28, 2018 3:57 PM
       Schools? (by Frank [NJ]) Feb 28, 2018 4:04 PM
       Schools? (by Gail K [GA]) Feb 28, 2018 4:11 PM
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Schools? (by S i d [MO]) Posted on: Feb 28, 2018 3:35 PM

How much weight do you give to schools when selecting properties to use as rentals?


Schools? (by NE [PA]) Posted on: Feb 28, 2018 3:40 PM

Not once.

Schools? (by NC INVESTOR [NC]) Posted on: Feb 28, 2018 3:42 PM

NEVER. --71.75.xx.xx

Schools? (by Deanna [TX]) Posted on: Feb 28, 2018 3:45 PM

My part of the world only gives you one choice. :)

However, I was talking to Economic Development in a nearby small town I'm dipping my toes into. She said, interestingly enough, they get a lot of families there for the elementary years, because the schools are great, no gangs, etc. Then, they uproot and go back to the nearby cities in order to take advantage of the high schools-- because they'll have a wider variety of niche stuff, like Latin/German/French, or fencing/chess/golf, or whatever.

So if families are a big part of your tenant pool, I could see how schools would be something to consider. But you'd have to make sure the schools were solid K-12, or else you'll run into the problem that town has-- only having your tenants for the 6 years of elementary school, or 4 years of high school, or whatever your best local school is. If your target market is something else-- empty nesters, senior citizens, young professionals, whatever-- you'd prioritize other aspects of your geography over school quality.

Schools? (by Vee [OH]) Posted on: Feb 28, 2018 3:57 PM

It is my goal to be 1 block away so they can walk and have a playground or community meeting center nearby - many libraries share the parking, campus property speaks for itself - students want to have a few blocks of freedom.

Schools? (by Frank [NJ]) Posted on: Feb 28, 2018 4:04 PM

in our town we have our K-8 & a regional 9-12 and people try hard to get into the primary district as its demographic make-up is desirable and just this year our primary was designated as in the top 50 in the state.

the 4-town high school sending district is in demand as the other 3 towns have an even higher $ demo. a goodly # of those send their kids to private which helps to keep the student pop down.

if we were buying it would be a strong consideration but those 4 towns do not have many apts. and the SFH's are usually too expensive to buy at market to rent.

With all that, when we have been vacant all the ones who want the district real bad could not qualify

Schools? (by Gail K [GA]) Posted on: Feb 28, 2018 4:11 PM

The school system can be important to applicants, both to folks new to the area and to those who already live here but want their children to continue in the same schools.

Just last week I had someone call asking if I had a rental in a specific area so her grandchildren (who live with her) could attend the same schools they are in now.

And there's a couple of reasons people are paying big bucks (and being stuck in traffic for long hours) in the next county over. One reason is the assumption that the school district is "better" than the county I live in.

Gail --71.203.xx.xx

Schools? (by Mr. T [IN]) Posted on: Feb 28, 2018 4:22 PM

I consider it since I figure it would be more marketable (to renters with kids as well as down the road when I'm ready to cash out).

However, if it makes a good rental otherwise, I would not automatically eliminate it if it is not near a good school.

Schools? (by Chris [CT]) Posted on: Feb 28, 2018 4:35 PM

Absolutely, location is important to my tenants as it is to me.

Schools? (by razorback_tim [AR]) Posted on: Feb 28, 2018 4:37 PM

The town I live in doesnít have its own school system - it is split between 3 (mainly 2) neighboring districts. One of those is more desirable in most peopleís eyes mainly due to logistics. The schools in the other districts have good ratings as well but are out of the way relative to the major job centers. So I do consider it some in that instance. Other than that I donít pay much attention to it. Most tenants place a rather low emphasis on education. The exception are the ones who are in management/leadership positions and rent before buying when they first move to an area or rent instead of buying because they know they will move in a couple of years.

Schools? (by Ken [NY]) Posted on: Feb 28, 2018 4:47 PM

Not a consideration to me at all

Schools? (by plenty [MO]) Posted on: Feb 28, 2018 4:55 PM

The better the school the better for all. It's a factor. --66.87.xx.xx

Schools? (by LindaJ [NY]) Posted on: Feb 28, 2018 5:02 PM

For rentals, I am not concerned. Owner occupied seem more concerned with the school district. I also prefer the childless rental. --96.236.xx.xx

Schools? (by Pmh [TX]) Posted on: Feb 28, 2018 5:07 PM

I tell for renters & sales. What idiot would not push schools if in good districts. if not in good districts then is buyer mea culpa....

Schools? (by Oregon Woodsmoke [ID]) Posted on: Feb 28, 2018 5:31 PM

Apparently, it is important.

I just sold one that looks like it might be in the district for a very desirable school. I finally had to put it in my ad that the house is not in that school district because I was getting a lot of calls asking if it was in that desirable school district.

One problem with being in a really good school district is that you end up with renters who have kids. But at least parents who are concerned about schools tend to keep their kids under better control.

I would say, though, that it is a rather small percentage of tenants who even consider schools. --174.216.xx.xx

Schools? (by Oregon Woodsmoke [ID]) Posted on: Feb 28, 2018 5:33 PM

If you ever intend to sell, a good school district will make it easier to sell and it brings a premium on the price. --174.216.xx.xx

Schools? (by Robert J [CA]) Posted on: Feb 28, 2018 5:41 PM

I purchased seven single family homes in an area of Los Angeles (West San Fernando Valley) that were in the area of the best High School, Junior High School and Elementary School. Why? Here is my reasoning:

The schools in some areas of the LAUSD (Los Angeles Unified School District) are:

a) dangerous with gangs

b) teachers don't care because the parents don't care either. (Never help the kids with homework and expect the schools to teach them the A,B,C's -- so at 5 years of age the kids are as dumb as a rock!

c) 20%-50% of the kids in some schools are bused in from areas that I couldn't be caught dead driving a 10 year old car, in fear of being car jacked.

Now the schools in the area of my rentals have achieved awards like scholastic contest wins over the entire State. And their testing exceed the top 5%.

Most other areas concerned parent would spend between $7,000 to $15,000 per year on private schools for their children -- each. But if they rent a home of mine instead, they can save those funds needed to pay for private school and pay the rent instead, having money left over to pay for food, gas, a nice car, etc.

In Koreatown I have a 8 unit across the street from a new Elementary school. In North Hollywood I have a duplex, triplex and a 5 unit across the street from a new elementary school.

School are very important to 35% of my renters. --47.156.xx.xx

Schools? (by Gene [OH]) Posted on: Feb 28, 2018 6:20 PM

In the Columbus, Ohio area the schools are pretty important for those who choose to live in the suburbs. I have chosen to only buy in my own school district which is regarded highly in the area. I even list the individual schools in my ads. I even have people calling because they want a specific school inside of the school district.

All that said, just to say school district is very important in my B to A rentals in the suburbs.

Schools? (by BillW [NJ]) Posted on: Feb 28, 2018 6:30 PM

I care a lot! All my tenants are students:-)

Schools? (by Robin [WI]) Posted on: Feb 28, 2018 6:52 PM

I find that RE prices go up with quality of schools, but much faster than rents. So I could get $1000/mo for a $50K house in a lousy school district, or $1500/mo for a $150K house in a good school district.

All my houses are in lousy school districts.

Schools? (by DJ [VA]) Posted on: Feb 28, 2018 6:57 PM

If it's a single family house(family size), I much prefer the better school district. It brings better quality applicants and is easier to sell when I want to.

Schools? (by AllyM [NJ]) Posted on: Feb 28, 2018 7:41 PM

My father bought in a lovely neighborhood near good schools. Although things have changed a bit the schools are still good and so is the neighborhood. If I were to buy I would look for a place that would attract a nice group of people. That could be a school or a business.

Schools? (by Shelby [IA]) Posted on: Feb 28, 2018 7:51 PM

None of mine are by schools and the renters I have had just open enroll to the preferred elementary school instead of switching. In my town we have 4 elementary schools that go up to 4th grade. They are all pretty much spread out throughout the town. 5 & 6 is a separate school elsewhere and 7 & 8th is right next to the high school. No one even asks if my houses are by a school, doesnít seem like anyone cares here. Buying a house is a different story though.

Schools? (by David [KY]) Posted on: Mar 1, 2018 3:42 AM

When I first started I used to always try to purchase in a great school system. Needless to say I was overpaying. Nope, not any more. I find most people I show the homes to could care less about it nor do I get many people ever asking me about the schools.

Schools? (by WMH [NC]) Posted on: Mar 1, 2018 4:07 AM

Don't care at all, but then we don't get much choice anyway. However, most of our places are so small that families are not much interested anyway.

Schools? (by RentsDue [MA]) Posted on: Mar 1, 2018 4:23 AM

All of mine are near schools. I actually prefer to rent to families and families like to live within walking distance of schools. Especially the ones with the giant playsscapes. There is a downside . I had two homes within 500 feet of an elementary school. The town proposed shutting down that school to consolidate. Luckily they decided not to. A big empty abandoned school in the neighborhood is bad news.

Schools? (by LisaFL [FL]) Posted on: Mar 1, 2018 5:18 AM

It's just an added bonus to find one in a desirable school zone. But it's not really a consideration.

Schools? (by RB [MI]) Posted on: Mar 1, 2018 6:12 AM

Higher Property Taxes,

the closer I am to a School, Here. --47.35.xx.xx

Schools? (by Luba [NY]) Posted on: Mar 1, 2018 6:43 AM

I care for schools. Better schools - better neighborhood, less crime and higher rent.

Schools? (by Kim [TX]) Posted on: Mar 1, 2018 10:36 AM

We bought two SFHs in a neighborhood outside of the city that is hot specifically because of the schools. We paid close attention to the district boundaries. Worked out well.

Schools? (by Laura [MD]) Posted on: Mar 1, 2018 12:43 PM

I have 2 houses in one of the most desirable elementary school. The houses could be tents and I could rent them out. I have had folks begin crying when I said they were no longer available/etc.

Schools? (by Landlord ofthe Flies [TX]) Posted on: Mar 6, 2018 3:16 PM

I like living close to highly ranked elementary schools. The younger the child, the less independent. Living close to an elementary school makes it easy to drop off or pick up the kids from school. They can walk and avoid the car pool lines.

Just don't live near a high school. That's when the kids start driving and hanging out at the school after hours, or worse, hanging out in the neighborhoods near the school for mischief.

Elementary schools also have playgrounds which is a perk to a family with young children.

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