Getting forwarding addres
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Getting forwarding addres (by Jason [VA]) Oct 11, 2017 5:38 AM
       Getting forwarding addres (by razorback_tim [AR]) Oct 11, 2017 6:09 AM
       Getting forwarding addres (by AllyM [NJ]) Oct 11, 2017 11:37 AM
       Getting forwarding addres (by Jason [VA]) Oct 11, 2017 2:07 PM
       Getting forwarding addres (by Julie [KS]) Oct 11, 2017 5:09 PM

Getting forwarding addres (by Jason [VA]) Posted on: Oct 11, 2017 5:38 AM

When getting a deadbeat's forwarding address from the post office, what is normally used: "Address service requested" or "Return service requested"?

From what I've read, the post office will provide the forwarding address with both, but the recipient won't have any knowledge of it with the latter. However, I haven't used the return service before.

Getting forwarding addres (by razorback_tim [AR]) Posted on: Oct 11, 2017 6:09 AM

Iíve always used Address Service Requested. --70.182.xx.xx

Getting forwarding addres (by AllyM [NJ]) Posted on: Oct 11, 2017 11:37 AM

How do you do that? My recent bad tenant who left, gave me her work address without the company name which I had to find online. They give free break room snacks and she was starting to exhibit the results of that. Claimed she didn't feel well due to mold she created in basement. Hah! She was leaving empty snack boxes on the front step piled up.

Getting forwarding addres (by Jason [VA]) Posted on: Oct 11, 2017 2:07 PM

Just send the tenant a piece of mail and write "address service requested" underneath of your return address. The post office will send them the mail, and send you a card with the tenant's forwarding address on it.

I THINK writing "return service requested" will prevent the tenant from knowing you're looking for them (the post office won't deliver the mail to the tenant, just return it back to you), but nobody has mentioned whether or not they've used that before.

Getting forwarding addres (by Julie [KS]) Posted on: Oct 11, 2017 5:09 PM

I use nothing but "Return Service Requested".

If I'm looking for a tenant I just send an empty envelope to the old address (my rental address). Comes back with a sticker with either "UTF" (unable to forward) or with a forwarding on it. Just make sure you do it before the forwarding order (if there is one) expires.

Works like a charm~~~~~

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Getting forwarding addres
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